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One of the best ways to receive an accurate assessment of a property's value is with valuation management. Real estate professionals with appraisal experience do a detailed check of the home in question. After the assessment is completed, you have the most precise estimation of your property possible.

Since 2011, New Day Evaluation Services has provided clients with comprehensive residential property valuation. We use established parameters to make sure that you receive the highest valuation possible for homes. To satisfy your specific needs, we customize all your property valuation services. We go above and beyond to meet and exceed all of your expectations in a Vendor. New Day Evaluation Services works with a Select number of Clients as our number one goal is Quality.  If you are interested in building a successful team with New Day Evaluation Services please contact us for details.


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New Day Evaluation Services, LLC provides Reliable Real Estate Property Valuations to mortgage lenders, servicers, and investors.

Our property valuation company offers quality and accurate residential real estate reviews that includes; due diligence for bidding, reconciling 2nd opinions to determine an REO list prices and Residential desk reviews. New Day Evaluation Services, LLC was founded with the customer in mind. We offer mortgage servicing experience that includes foreclosure, bankruptcy, loss mitigation, asset management, and valuation management. We determine a home's reconciled market value and provide value reconciliation reports and real estate residential property valuation reviews for our customers. You receive detailed and thorough property reviews of performing, non-performing, default servicing, and bank-owned assets.

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