About Us

New Day Evaluation Services offers a variety of property valuation services to aid mortgage services, investors, and other sellers and buyers. We specialize in foreclosures and real-estate owned assets, offering detailed property analysis and reliable value recommendations.

Rely on our team to offer personalized service 100% of the time. We are fully customizable to fit each of our Client's needs. Our goals are to build a long-term relationship with each of our clients, provide quality and reliable property valuation recommendations, offer quick turnaround times, and provide our clients with the added information they need.

We keep our costs low and pass the benefits on to our clients. New Day Evaluation Services believes every day is a new day that is open for opportunities and success.

New Day Evaluation Services, LLC was founded by Evelyn Borrego, with the Client's needs in mind.


We have an extensive network of experienced real estate professionals. Our network members are selected based on their experience and firsthand knowledge of their local real estate markets. Each professional is continually monitored and reviewed. Every completed order is reviewed prior to remittance to our client. Moreover, each professional in our network, on every order, is graded on a performance basis, which dictates future work assignments

Quality Control

Superior quality control is paramount in delivering an accurate value within the client specified time frame. We also understand the importance of due dates, which is why our system will "QC" the order while in process. Every order is then reviewed by our experienced review analyst before it is released to our client.

We also monitor each order individually to ensure we meet or exceed our client's established time lines.

Real Estate Professionals

New Day Evaluation Services is looking for contract professionals to join our broker network team. If you are interested in completing BPOs or Value Reconciliation reviews or competitive compensation, let us know.


We are also looking for contract professionals to join our appraiser network team. Call us at (385) 419-2292 or email us if you are interested in completing desktop appraiser reviews for competitive compensation.